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2019 Ambassador Application

What is a Fitness Ambassador?

Fitness Ambassadors are influencers and bloggers that are passionate about creating community and sharing their love for all things fitness and health. Ambassadors seek to inspire through actions and awareness by sharing their fitness journey, upcoming events, and other fun happenings in their city. If you are interested in connecting with other influencers like yourself, hosting events, sharing in new experiences, or joining in all the sweat dates, we'd love for you to apply. We believe in creating a positive space where we support each other and celebrate all the goals we crush. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create community and more opportunities for people to connect online and IRL. We strive to foster deeper connections with local businesses and brands, pioneer the fitness space with unique fitness activations, and most importantly have fun.

Eligibility Requirements:

We are looking for fitness/healthy living influencers or bloggers with an active social media platform. The Fitness Ambassadors are:

  • Active and love all things fitness! Enjoys sharing their fitness journey and health related content. They post consistently and often to their social platforms.

  • Looking to connect with other influencers and believe in the power of community.

  • Willing to attend, host, and/or volunteer at Fitness Ambassador events.

  • Willing to share all the fun events with their audience and friends.

  • Willing to promote the Fitness Ambassador community, its members, and mission.

  • Willing to invest in growing their platforms and the fitness communities in their cities.

  • Have a minimum of 1000 followers on Instagram.

  • Love sweat dates!

If you fit this criteria, please apply by filling out the form below. We look for quality content and photos from each applicant. After you submit your application, we individually review each one to see if your content and vibe is the right fit for our tribe. Applications close December 21st, 2018.

Name *
Where are you based? *only accepting applicants in DFW and Austin *

The Fine Print: In order to provide our ambassadors with so many fun experiences and opportunities, we are requiring a one-time annual ambassador fee for the year. The ambassador fee is $100. The fee helps us run operations, swag out our ambassadors for the year, plan incredible events, and so much more.