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Yoga Beats- For Charity at Dallas Farmers Market


If you take body painting, add live drumming to a variety of feel good tunes, plus a high energy yoga inspired session you get the next big thing: Yoga Beats™! This class will bring you in mentally, visually & physically. Join us for our much anticipated inaugural class at Dallas Farmers Market!

Begin your journey by painting your arms, legs and/or face to express your mood, spirit or whatever inspires you. Then the live drumming will accompany yoga inspired movements, poses and flows that come together to connect body, mind and spirit. Both can help relieve stress, put us in the moment and create community. The beat helps coordinate muscles, heart, and breath as it cues the movement. This is a great way to recover from the daily stress we all endure through physical movement. Enjoy an all-level yoga class led by our certified instructor, Joy, while the drums carry you through the experience. The rhythm of the drums crescendos and diminishes to help guide your movement and breathing while your mind lets go of the stresses that you have built up. 

After the yoga session, there will be a class participation drum circle led by Ryan of Sacred Rhythms. He will lead the group in playing/drumming with percussion instruments. Drumming is an ancient form of communication, meditation, and celebration. Playing an instrument rhythmically is also a great way to reduce stress, elevate feelings of well-being, improve brain functions, and have fun. One beat at a time, we share a common rhythm and connect with others while expressing ourselves in fun, creative ways.

No prior drumming or yoga experience is needed to join! The movements will allow you to set your own level and move at your own pace, all levels are welcome. Although this is yoga inspired, all active people will benefit. Those looking for a setting to be in the moment of your own mind, will find it here. Those looking for a challenge set to a vibrant beat, will find it here. You’ll be energized mind, body & soul. 

Class is created and energized by ‘It’s For Charity!’ events. Proceeds benefit Here's Your Reminder Project charity! (Scroll down to learn more)
Ticket includes:

- 1st hour=15 minutes of self body painting (paint will be provided). 45 minute aerobic energy yoga class lead by Joy, that combines some basic dance moves set to the beat of the drums. 
- 2nd hour= Drum circle led by our percussion expert, Ryan

Things to Know:

~ Bring a mat, water bottle, and towel.
~ Class is outdoors (under shed), so dress appropriately for the weather.
~ Good for all levels (even beginners)

About the charity:

~ Here's Your Reminder Project are committed advocates for depression and anxiety. We inspire and create Not-So-Random-Acts-of-Kindness™ to combat depression and broken relationships. Also, we strive to begin conversations about this illness. Make it normal to speak about, understand and support one another, while getting rid of the negative connotation that this subject is usually connected to. Learn more by visiting (501c3 non-profit)