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Restorative Yoga Workshop

  • MoveStudio 17062 Preston Rd Dallas, Texas 75248 United States (map)


Restorative Yoga Workshop
with Tifany Henderson

Restorative yoga allows for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body. When supported properly with blankets, blocks and props, the mind and body are able to reset and renew, reducing tension and increasing energy.

Restorative Yoga's meditative quality allows the mind to enjoy a much-needed respite from constant churning of thoughts. Experience pure bliss in these supported poses that energize and circulate the breath, stimulate and soothe organs, and lengthen and brighten the spine.

In Restorative Yoga, poses are held a bit longer, allowing you to rest deeply while passively stretching and opening the body in a gentle way. Experience the calm of a Restorative Yoga practice and see how it can transform your life. Connect with your true essence during this meditative, soothing practice.