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Pint Striders Beer Mile

  • Noble Rey Brewing Company (Fortress of Maltitude - Brewery) 2636 Farrington Street Dallas, Texas 75207 United States (map)


Check-In at 10:45!

Hey, Pint Striders will Give Ya 4 Brews for $10 Bucks per Runner & Great Venue...

Course monitoring, check ins, bibs & brew assignments all done ✅
We Think Of You, The Experience, The Venue, Legit Status and A Hell Of a Good Time!

Yes, you can bring your own beer but it has to be 5% or higher. We will check it too!
Beer Mile Rules Only!

1) Drink A Beer Run The 1st Lap
2) Drink A Beer Run The 2nd Lap
3) Drink A Beer Run The 3rd Lap
4) Drink A Beer Run The 4th Lap

If you need to hurl, go to a trash can please.
Please see official Beer Mile Rules Link:

Winner Wins a $100 Gift Card, A 12 Pack of Brew, Bragging Rights and a Basket Full Of Stuff!