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Advance Your Vinyasa - Workshop Series

  • Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness 9201 Forest Lane, Suite 200 Dallas, Texas 75243 United States (map)


This four part workshop series is designed to give you the power modify your yoga practice WITHOUT teacher cues. Through this four part series you'll learn about arm balances, props, twists and back bends, and finally figure out what the heck it means to flow. Enroll in all four workshops for $100 or enroll in individual workshops ($30 for members, $40 for non-members)

Deepening Twists and Backbends - April 6th, 3-5pm

Join Summit Yoga Teacher Linda Nguyen for the third of four workshops focused on advancing your vinyasa practice. This 2-hour workshop will focus on deepening twists and backbends in your regular vinyasa practice. We’ll utilize straps and blocks to build the foundations of a efficient and safe twist and backbending practice, and then we’ll begin to add elements such as binds and balances to help advance your practice.

What is Flow? - April 20th, 3-5pm
Advance Your Vinyasa Class - April, 20th, 5:30pm (FREE CLASS!!)