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Check Yo Chakras Boo

  • Black Swan Yoga Dallas 5118 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209 United States (map)


The Seven Chakras are the make up of your energetic being. These energy lines run throughout your body that hold the truths in your body as well as your life. These powerful energy lines are areas of interconnection between your mind. body, and spirit are purified or opened up through the process of yoga. When your chakras are spinning in powerful alignment one may experience an enormous infusion of energy which leads to enlightenment. In this workshop we will learn about your chakras and how to align them with yoga asana and breathwork. Join Brittany Addison-Prescott as she leads a workshop of self awareness through meditation, intention setting and affirmations, vinyasa, and crystals through the “Anatomy of the Spirit.”

Check yo chakras Boo with Caroline Myss’ Seven Chakra Truths:
1st Chakra Root/muladhara: ‘ All is One’
2nd Chakra Sacral /svadhisthana ‘Honor One Another’
3rd Chakra Solar Plexus/ manipura ‘ Honor Yourself’
4th Chakra Heart Chakra/ Anahata/ ‘Love is Divine Power’
5th Chakra Throat/vishuddha ‘Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will’
6th Chakra 3rd Eye/ ajna ‘‘Seek Only Truth’’
7th Chakra Crown / sahasrara ‘Live in the Present Moment’
Suggested donation $25 open level yoga and meditation

Earlier Event: February 24
Sweat, Sculpt, Flow