The Fitness Ambassadors' mission is to create a community for fitness and health bloggers in the Dallas and Austin area. After being immersed in Dallas' evolving fitness culture for years, founder Mai Lyn Ngo recognized a need for a community that connects and supports this special niche of bloggers and influencers. She's since expanded to Austin.

Fitness Ambassadors serves multiple purposes:

1. A supportive community for fitness and health bloggers looking to share their insight and knowledge about fitness with the local community. In this community, ambassadors will have the opportunity to network, grow, and collaborate with each other.

2. A resource for fitness enthusiasts seeking fitness related news in their area, upcoming fitness and health-related events, studio openings, and other fun local happenings. There are so many exciting things happening in our community. We just want you to know about them.

3. A chance for fitness brands of all shapes and sizes to connect with fitness influencers and the respective local fitness community in Dallas Fort-Worth or Austin.

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Mai Lyn Ngo - CEO & Founder


Mai Lyn Ngo is a Dallas entrepreneur and fitness influencer. She started her personal blog Deep Fried Fit which chronicles her unconditional love of food and fitness, while promoting a balanced lifestyle of green juice and fried chicken. Her craving for community and female empowerment in the blogosphere inspired her to create her influencer marketing company, Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. She’s all about making connections and loves collaborating with brands and other bloggers, while sharing fun experiences with the greater Dallas community. Mai Lyn has also been featured as an "influencer to follow" in several leading publications in Dallas; including Modern Luxury, CW33, D Magazine, Forty Magazine, and GuideLive. She’s also a 2018 Millennial To Watch honoree. When she's not working out, you can find her binge watching shows on Hulu or soaking up the sun on a patio with a cold one (in each hand). 


HIllary Truong - Brands and Events Manager


Hillary moved to Dallas from Vietnam when she was a kiddo. She grew up in Garland, TX and double majored in business and marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas. She brings her collegiate experience with an interest in making connections and creating events. Combining her business and marketing background with her attention to detail and her ability to bring beautiful events to life, Hillary is quite the triple threat. Hillary's favorite hobbies are photography, traveling, hiking, playing volleyball, and finding all the best food spots. When she's not hustling and juggling a million tasks, you can find her snuggled up with Yoshi, her adorable Shiba Inu.

You can follow her many adventures on her Instagram: @htmoments


Eve Escalante - Ambassador Community Manager - Dallas


Eve Escalante aka The Fit Sage as known on Instagram is a Dallas native with deep roots in her Mexican Culture which is apparent in her love for spicy salsas, Tajín and Spanglish language. Eve is an athlete at heart, she’s played soccer, ran track and cross country, dabbled in boxing, competed in a body building competition and is now a personal trainer with Camp Gladiator. One of her biggest goals is to promote self-love and women empowerment through her heart felt captions and message behind everything that she does. Eve loves making other happy and doing for others and that is how she found her place in the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors community.

To keep up with Eve and her inspirational journey, follow her here: @eveescalante_


Inna Crispin - Social Media Manager


Inna currently lives in California with her family and is the master behind all of our social and email marketing efforts. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the Saint Louis University in the Philippines before moving to the U.S.. Her incredible eye for art, design, and photography makes her an invaluable asset to the Fitness Ambassador team. Everything she touches turns to gold. When she's not studying or cranking out our newsletters, you can find her traveling to new places and snapping gorgeous photos of her adventures. Binge-watching Friends and reaching Archie comics also high on her list of ways to relax.

To keep up with Inna's travel diary and her other daily adventures, follow her here: @innahilator